Get on the path to good health

Did you know that visiting the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is not only fun but good for your health too? OhioHealth and the Columbus Zoo are committed to keeping the community healthy with the HOOFit walking program.

Walk with the Animals

Join us in spring 2017 to walk with the animals and talk with OhioHealth physicians and Zoo animal experts, and it could be your first step to better health. The new HOOFit schedule will be released in the spring of 2017.

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Every step counts

Don't forget you can HOOFit any time you visit the Columbus Zoo. No matter what size your steps, your healthy adventure starts at the Zoo. We've made it easy to track your steps with this chart. So pick a route and start walking. It all leads to a healthier you.

Our step calculations are based on an average child (Small Steps), average adolescent (Medium Steps) and average adult (Large Steps).
Want to HOOFit at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium? Plan Your Trip.